Major Policies

A1.    Admissions Policy

A1a.  Castle House School Attendance Policy

A2.   Castle House SEN Policy

A2i. Castle House Gifted and Talented Policy

A2ii. Castle House Inclusion Policy

A2iii. English as an Additional Language Policy

A3.    Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

A4. Misbehaviour and Exclusions Policy

A5.  PSHE and SMSC Policy

A6.   Safeguarding Child Protection Policy

A6i.  EYFS Child Protection Additional Guidance

A6ii. Lost Children and Uncollected Policy

A6iii. Pupil Supervision Policy

A6vi. Confidentiality and Information Sharing Policy

A6viii. Castle House Safer Recruitment Policy

A6vi.  Confidentiality and Information Sharing Policy

A6x.   Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy October 2017

A6a 1. E-Safety Policy

A6a 2. Appendix 1 – Early Years e-Safety and AUP

A6a 3. Appendix 2 – Pupil and Parent Acceptable Use Policy

A6a 6. Appendix 5 – E-safety FAQs

A7.      First Aid Policy

A8.      Anti Bullying Policy

A9-10. Health and safety inc Visits

A9-10i. Risk Assessment Policy

A9-10ii. Working at Heights Policy

A9-10iii.Manual Handling Policy

A9-10iv. COSHH Policy

A14.    Complaints Procedure

A15.    Equal Opportunities Policy

A15i.   Disability Equality Policy

A15ii.  Disability Acessibility Plan 2017

A15iii. Reasonable Adjustments Policy

A16      Timings of School Day and Club Activities

Staff List – December 2017

Uniform policy