Welcome to Castle House from the Governors

A Message from the Governors of Castle House

Dear Parents

Castle House School is a special place. It provides a unique environment children love to explore and is one in which they love to learn.  As a team of staff and governors we nurture our children in a safe, secure, loving environment so that they develop into happy, confident individuals ready to work hard and reach their full potential.

That word ‘confident’ is key. Right from day one our children are taught that they matter –  that they each have talents to be celebrated, opinions to express and potential to explore. This, we believe, is what gives them the self-confidence to turn that potential into real-world successes.

We get to know every child in the school well, we nurture them and build their knowledge and understanding so that when they leave us at the age of 11 they are ready to begin their secondary education with enthusiasm and confidence.

Since our beginnings in 1944, we have built our school into a wonderful place for children to learn, find out who they are, and explore the world in which they live. We hope you will come to see us and feel the warmth and energy that fill our days.

The Governors