Holiday Care

Holiday CareCastle House School’s Holiday Care service aims to provide a happy and stimulating experience for all the children entrusted to us and to meet the needs of busy, working parents for high quality care with flexibility of hours to suit a variety of circumstances.

Building on our successful provision of nursery education and care in CHerubS Nursery and the happy, purposeful environment for which Castle house School is well-known, we create enjoyable and safe out-of-school days for the children who join us.

Our lovely gardens and outdoor play areas are available for a range of games and activities. Indoors, the children will be busy with things like arts and crafts, construction toys, music, chess, board games, computers, personal and cooperative projects, and physical activities in the hall.

Whilst Castle House Holiday Care (CHHC) is not “school”, we believe that the play activities we offer the children shold be purposeful as well as fun, contributing to the development of their talents, abilities and personalities. The programme encourages their physical, emotional, social, intellectual and creative development, helping children to establish good relationships with other children and adults.

The youngest Holiday Care children, aged 2 to 4, join the CHerubS Nursery regulars and participate in their programmes of activity with our qualified and experienced staff.

School-aged children, from 4+ to 11, have their own base room, with appropriately qualified and experienced staff, and also use other rooms and parts of the premises for their activities.

CHHC is available for children between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm each day (Monday to Friday) of the school’s own holiday periods (which include and extend beyond the maintained sector holidays) except for bank holidays and a short period from Christmas to New Year. Children may attend any number of sessions, whole days, half days or part days.

We expect the ethos of CHHC to foster a spirit of confidence, independence and adventurousness, whilst maintaining our traditional values of good manners, kindness, self-discipline, good behaviour, respect for others and responsibility towards our environment, ie a continuation of what we expect in Castle House School and CHerubS Nursery.

Our values are summed up in a code called “The Castle House Way”, which is just as important to Castle House Holiday Care as it is in school.

The Castle House Way

  • Treat other people as you would be treated
  • Forgive
  • Listen to each other
  • Share
  • Be honest and live with integrity
  • Be kind
  • Be helpful
  • Do your best to be your best

We can all choose to live by these values

Castle House Holiday Care staff work in close partnership with parents to ensure the best possible care and provision for every child, with all individual needs taken into account and met. You are able to get to know the CHHC staff well, on a personal and friendly basis, with the opportunity for daily interaction and exchange of information. Such close relationships between staff and parents are essential to secure the best interests of your children. You may talk to the staff about issues concerning your child and you can be sure that you will receive an appropriate, professional response from our staff.

All our staff are CRB-checked to ensure their suitability to work with children. They have been trained in first aid, child protection and other relevant professional issues. They regularly attend continuing professional development training (CPD) to ensure they are up to date with the latest thinking.