Nursery Policies

C1    Arrangements for Safeguarding Pupils and Promoting Welfare

C2    Sample EYFS On-Site Risk Assessment

C3    Sample EYFS Risk Assessment for Visits or Activities outside School

C4    EYFS First Aid Policy and Names of those Qualified in Paediatric First Aid

C5    EYFS Policy on the Administration of Medicine

C6    Arrangements for the Supervision of EYFS Pupils throughout the School Day

C7    Complaints Procedure for Whole School and any Additional Information on the Procedure for EYFS

C8    Indication of all EYFS Staff Entered in the Single Centralised Register of Appointments (unless clear from the register itself)

C9    Missing Child Policy and Policy for Arrangements when a Child is Not Collected

C10    The Policy for Equality of Opportunity, including Admissions Policy and Adjustments for Accessibility

C11    EYFS Behaviour Policy