Terms & Conditions


Fees are payable in full, in advance, monthly (or “termly” = 4 months).

Fees will be calculated on a termly basis (4 months) and invoiced monthly.  Parents will be issued a full breakdown of the fees calculation each term.  We will credit you with Local Authority “funded hours” as appropriate. If a child leaves before the end of a term and the monthly fees paid have been insufficient to cover the number of weeks received, we will prepare a final invoice to cover the difference.  Intention to qualify for the Full Year Tariff (50 weeks) discount must be indicated in advance for it to apply.

Additional sessions or additional weeks are payable in advance.  They do not count towards “tariff” discounts.

Fees are not refundable for absence, as CHerubS Nursery continues to incur the same costs.

Fees are due no later than the day before the first day of each month or prior to the first day of attendance if starting mid-month.

Fees outstanding for four days beyond the due date will incur a surcharge of 5% and will put your child’s place in CHerubS Nursery at risk.  In the event of fees being outstanding for more than one week, we reserve the right to exercise our discretion to exclude the child from attending nursery.


Parents must give us one month’s notice in writing of intent to surrender a nursery place or to reduce hours of attendance, or in lieu of such written notice pay us one month’s fees.  We reserve the right to terminate a child’s membership of CHerubS Nursery without notice.


The Nursery is open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.  No child may enter CHerubS Nursery or any part of the School before 8.00 am.  The Nursery will not open on Bank or Public Holidays and certain other associated days as advised.

Children may not arrive earlier than the start time of their booked session.  In the event of early arrival or late departure, parents will be charged extra at the hourly rate, except for late pick-up after 6.00 pm which will be charged at the rate of £3.50 per ten minutes.

If children arrive early or are picked up late regularly, we will terminate their membership of the nursery.


Children will be expected to wear the CHerubS Nursery uniform.  The main items are school sweatshirt top, matching jogging trousers and polo shirt, in the school colours, with the school’s logo.  They are available inexpensively from our School uniform shop.  All items should be clearly marked with the child’s name.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere in CHerubS Nursery or Castle House School, including the school grounds and the school drive off Chetwynd End.


Kindness, courtesy, good manners, respect for other children and adults, respect for the environment and good behaviour are expected from members of the Castle House community, including CHerubS Nursery.

We expect and encourage parents to be supportive both of their children and of CHerubS Nursery and its ethos, and of the School of which it is a part.

Our expectations are summed up in a list of our values, which we call “The Castle House Way”:


  • Treat other people as you would be treated.
  • Forgive
  • Listen to each other.
  • Share.
  • Be honest and live with integrity.
  • Be kind.
  • Be helpful.
  • Do your best to be your best.

We can all choose to live by these values.

Acceptance of a place in CHerubS Nursery implies that the parents and child are willing to conform to our expectations and all reasonable requirements.

If you have any concern or problem about CHerubS Nursery, we expect you to tell the Nursery staff about it as soon as possible so that we can deal with it.


Please be careful about where you park so that you do not block the driveway or block in other cars. At busy times, we ask you to park off the drive in neighbouring streets or public parking and walk in.


We hope to deal with all issues before they give rise to a complaint. The School has a formal complaints procedure, which should be followed if the need arises.


Fees are subject to increase at any time with a minimum of one month’s notice in writing given to parents whose children are currently in CHerubS Nursery. An annual increase is made, at the governors’ discretion, to take effect from September.


The closure of the School or the Nursery due to illness, epidemic or other circumstance beyond the control of the School or Nursery shall not give rise to any liability for reimbursing of any fees.


Parents may not send a child if he or she is suffering from an infectious disease or is too ill to attend. If a child becomes ill whilst at Nursery, we reserve the right to ask parents to collect their child, to take a child to a doctor or hospital in case of emergency or to call for an ambulance. No refund of fees can be given for absence due to sickness.


The Governors and Headmaster of Castle House School and CHerubS Nursery retain absolute discretion in the running of the School and Nursery’s affairs and reserve the right to amend any of these terms and conditions with immediate effect if in their opinion to do so is appropriate and necessary.


To secure a place at CHerubS Nursery, our enrolment forms must be completed and returned to the School office, together with an administration fee of £50 which is non-returnable.  If your application is cancelled by you before your child starts in our Nursery we will retain the administration fee.  In the event that your child moves on to Castle House School after their time in CHerubS Nursery we will waive the registration fee normally payable at that time, in recognition of your loyalty and as we have already received your administration fee for entry to the Nursery.  Please make cheques payable to “Castle House School Trust Limited”.

Your child’s place in CHerubS Nursery is confirmed when we write to you with the Offer of a Place.  The contract is complete when you accept the Offer of a Place.

In the event that we are unable to offer you a place, we will return to you your administration fee.