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Senior School

After Haberdashers' Castle House – what next?

Haberdashers' Castle House gives a thoroughly good grounding and preparation for whichever senior school a child will move too.

Able children who work hard and who receive a Haberdashers' Castle House education have a very good chance of passing the entrance exams to Adams’ Grammar School or Newport High School. It should be borne in mind that these schools offer a very academic curriculum, are highly competitive to enter and are not necessarily suitable for all children. They require the very highest level of academic ability. We help to prepare the children in Year 6 thoroughly for these examinations, with our 11+ club starting in Year 4, but we cannot guarantee the outcome. It is, after all, in the hands of the children on the day of the test.

Newport is blessed in also having an excellent local comprehensive school, The Burton Borough School. Its top stream is grammar school equivalent which it proves by its examination results. It has a purpose-built Arts and Music Centre and a strong pastoral care system.

Alternatively, there are some very good independent schools in the area. In recent years, some of our pupils have gone on to the independent Stafford Grammar School, for which we have an excellent record of entry passes and scholarship offers. Other pupils opt for Wrekin College, Wellington, Shrewsbury High School for Girls, Wolverhampton High School, Wolverhampton Grammar School, Ellesmere College, and Adcote School.

For those looking further afield some of our pupils have achieved success in entrance examinations to Winchester School and to Cheltenham Ladies College.

The headteacher and teachers give guidance and advice to parents who need it. The choice has to be made by the parents and the child and therefore parents are strongly advised to visit the senior schools to see for themselves what they are like.

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