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Haberdashers' Castle House School, in conjunction with the Independent School’s Inspectorate (ISI), the Independent School’s Association (ISA), Ofsted and the DfE have undertaken a planned scheme of school improvement which is best understood through reading our Inspection Reports. We are delighted that in June 2022 The Independent School’s Inspectorate inspected Haberdashers' Castle House School and judged that we are compliant in all aspects of the Independent School’s Regulations. 

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We moved our children to Castle House part way through a school year and I was delighted how quickly they settled in.

My daughter was struggling with very low confidence levels and the support from her teachers has resulted in her moving to High School brimming with confidence and ready for the next challenge. She changed from a child who hated maths to it being her favourite subject!

My son loves forest school and weekly swimming, he’s progressed fantastically since joining and we have been so pleased to review his learning post lockdown and find he is still at a very high level, reflecting the excellent levels of teaching provided via Microsoft Teams.

Parent of current year 4 pupil and sibling who has now completed year 6 and moved to senior school

Our son has been at Castle House since nursery. This has given him a brilliant start to school life, so the transition to Kindergarten was effortless. All the children are so polite and our son has come on in leaps and bounds. The school grounds are beautiful, staff are very supportive and nurturing and want the best for each and every child and work to their specific needs. We are looking forward to our son progressing furthermore in this excellent school.

Parent of boy currently in year 1

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Our son had become so disengaged with learning at his previous school. He just wasn’t getting the stimulation and engagement needed to allow him to thrive. It was affecting his mood and general happiness and every day felt like a constant battle to get him to engage in anything at all. Since starting at Castle House he has totally changed. He has loved every day at school and it is fantastic seeing him back eager to learn. To have some breadth of curriculum again in terms of PE, music and forest school has also been fantastic and done wonders for him. Learning really has been brought back to life for him and to see your child responding so positively and really enjoying learning is just brilliant. Thank you to you and all the staff for all that you have done and helping him settle so easily.

Parent of boy in year 5 who joined the school during lockdown last summer

Our three children have all thrived at Castle House School. All three are very different but all were nurtured, encouraged and motivated by the teachers and staff to be the best that they could be. They all loved the small and family feel environment of the school and took advantage of the sport, school trips, clubs and additional lessons that were available. Castle House School is a fantastic place for children to grow in confidence in their academic and personal education.

Parent of current year 5 pupil with two older siblings who have now moved on to senior school

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Our son joined Castle House in Year 2. As a quiet and shy boy who was young for his year, we had been worried about how he would settle into a new school, but the calm and welcoming atmosphere and smaller classes meant that he soon grew in confidence. That increased confidence and happiness at school led to a huge improvement in his academic work, and we were so pleased when he comfortably passed his 11+ exam and was awarded a place at Haberdashers Adams.


He has really enjoyed the opportunity to try all the extra-curricular activities available both during the school day and as after school clubs (although we did laugh the day he brought a cello home!), and has developed a previously unknown love and talent for art. As parents, we have particularly enjoyed seeing how the children interact across the year groups, with the older children looking out for the smaller ones, and those smaller ones feeling happy and confident playing with the ‘big ones’. We have always believed that children learn best when they are happy, and we have certainly found that at Castle House.

Parent of pupil who has now moved on to senior school

Our son started at Castle House last year, in Year 4. He has greatly benefitted from the warm and nurturing environment it provides and is a happy child.

Parent of pupil currently in year 5

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Since being at Castle House, both my children absolutely love school. I also believe their confidence has grown significantly over the last 12 months.


I really like the Castle House approach to schooling and teaching and the most important thing for me is that the children are happy! And they certainly are!

Parent of children currently in year 3 and year 1

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