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Food & Nutrition

Exceptional Team

We are very fortunate to have developed a fantastic team to deliver our food and nutrition offer to our children. Lead by Head Chef Nick, we produce medals and snacks to restaurant standard. Freshly prepared on site, every day.

Five a Day - Every Day!

Whether it is snack time, lunch time or high tea, you will always find fresh fruit and crudités on offer. Children are encouraged to eat a balanced diet and make good choices. 

Variety and Choice

We all understand that some children can be fussy eaters. We aim to produce a wide variety of foods to suit all tastes. However, the presentation and 'theatre' added to our lunchtimes encourages even the fussiest of eaters to try something new!

Manners Cost Nothing

From the babies in the nursery to year six, all children dine together in Davis Hall accompanied by the teaching staff. We allow our children to be independent at the same time as encouraging good table manners,

What our parents say

Buffet Style
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Laura , Mother of George

The food has been amazing this week! A Michelin Star has been awarded.

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