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Our school is a happy place where children develop a true sense of self

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Embracing the whole child

Haberdashers' Castle House Preparatory school is a place where we take pride in the happiness of our pupils. Pastoral care on every level is at the heart of our school, for every pupil every day. We believe that a child’s emotional wellbeing is as important as their academic abilities and achievements.

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Kindness Counts

The children are the centre of everything here, participating in drawing up policies such as our School Charter and the “Haberdashers' Castle House Way” the core of which is “kindness Counts”. We have regular pastoral assemblies which reflect these policies alongside all aspects of anti-bullying, forging positive relationships and promoting Fundamental British Values.

Pastoral care is the number one priority. Kindness and consideration for others are the foundation of everything we do


Family Values

A family school with family values, our small class sizes allow the opportunity to really know every unique and individual child. The warmth and openness you will find here are plain to see, between staff and pupils, parents and visitors.

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Looking After Each Other

We have a thriving Peer Mentoring system, encouraging and teaching children the life skills they need to be supportive, kind and resilient. The School Council allows for the children to make informed decisions, debate and discuss, make choices and support the school in a fair and democratic way.

Our culture is one of laughter, learning and friendship

Form tutors look after pupils immediate wellbeing and their academic studies. Our SENDcO is responsible for coordinating special educational needs to support and develop the potential of those needing further assistance. Learning Support Specialists provide further targeted support with interventions.

Pupils mental health and wellbeing are at the forefront, and this is key to those in our care feeling supported and content. Our Head of Pastoral Care is School Counsellor and Designated Safeguarding Lead, and as a full time member of staff is always present to reach out and support pupils experiencing difficulties. The curriculum supports mental health with PSHE throughout year groups, and sex and relationship education in the upper school. We also run mental health workshops, offering support in areas which will both inform and prepare pupils, focusing on the connections between physical and mental health. We want our pupils to experience good mental health, help them to be able to master resilience and deal with stress, do well at school, and to find their way through the online world they will encounter with the ability to stay safe and benefit from this.

Pastoral Care at Haberdashers' Castle House is arranged around the traditional House system. We have three Houses; Merevale, Chetwynd and Pitchford which are healthily competitive and loyal. Heads of House alongside form-tutors are key figures in the academic and personal development of each pupil throughout the school. Pupils come together regularly for House days, and our main sporting events, the swimming gala and sports day are House based.

Our Forest school allows for close encounters with the environment for all of our pupils, and a sense of the world around them and its importance. We have close links with St Nicholas church in Newport, and the Rotary Club Lite, we also visit local elderly residents on occasion within the town.

We believe our pastoral system provides the wraparound care needed to ensure we are able to nurture and inspire every pupil, preparing them for the next part of their journey.

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