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School Fees


Full Day £47

Morning £29

Afternoon £26


Termly payment by bank transfer £3,760

£940 paid monthly


Termly payment by bank transfer £2,650

£795 paid monthly (over 10 months)

Year 1 & 2

Termly payment by bank transfer £2,860

£858 paid monthly (over 10 months)

Year 3 - 6

Termly payment by bank transfer £3,125

£937.50 paid monthly (over 10 months)


Daycare services for children from birth to 5 years

Our nursery cares for children from birth. Whether joining our Baby room, Toddlers, Rising 3's or Pre-School, we are sure you will find a session pattern that suits you and your child.


Set in the stunning grounds of Castle House Preparatory School, at Castle House Nursery School, we are dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating and welcoming environment for all children. Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories, while always keeping the child’s best interest in mind and allowing for hands-on, experiential learning.


We don't have shareholders at CHS. You will therefore find that the fees we charge are very competitive from just £26 per session.



Full time solution for children to Year 3

Pre-Prep at Castle House School provides 48 week a year education and care for children from Reception right up to the start of Year 3. Some parents find it challenging to manage childcare when full-time nursery ends and school begins.


We have developed out Pre-Prep program to answer this need from our parents. Simply put, Pre-Prep delivers our first class Preparatory School education and wrap-around care from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday for 48 weeks of the year. The cost for this service £940 per month, £3,760 per term or £11,280 annually.


Pre-Prep can be paid monthly by direct debit, termly or annually.



If you are joining us in Reception for the first time or moving up from our nursery, a warm welcome awaits on this foundation year of primary education.

If you are considering next steps for your child, please do get in touch and pay us a visit. Our home-from-home environment coupled with the kind, caring and nurturing approach of our Lower School teachers creates an experience that is tailored to the needs of every child.


Our Reception fees are £2,650 per term, £7,950 annually or £795 per month over 10 months.


YEAR 1&2

Along with Reception, Year 1 & 2 make up the year groups of our Lower School cohort. 

Our children in Years 1 & 2 continue to build on the knowledge and skills acquired during their Reception year. Our teachers offer rich and exciting experiences with regular trips, visitors and plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning, hands on investigation and problem solving. Pupils continue to build upon and benefit from the specialist teaching lessons introduced earlier on in school life.


Whether moving up or joining Castle House from another school, our Lower School ensures constancy and measured progress.

Year 1 & 2 fees - £3,125 per term, £9,375 annually or £858 per month over 10 months.


YEAR 3-6

Upper School at Castle House (Year 3-6) are key to the preparations made for the move to senior school. 

Your Children will become far more independent in Years 3-6. They become less involved with a singular teacher in order to take advantage of our specialist educators - particularly in core subjects and senior school entrance preparations.

We understand that this can sometimes be the stage at which you may question the progress your child has made at their current school. We are always very happy to meet and discuss your concerns and see if we can help.

Upper school fees - £3,125 per term, £9,375 annually or £937.50 per month over 10 months.